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Get Over Here! by EliteRaptor2015 Get Over Here! :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 8 37 Galick Gun Successor by EliteRaptor2015 Galick Gun Successor :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 6 5 'Rise and Shine, CJ-kun~' by EliteRaptor2015 'Rise and Shine, CJ-kun~' :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 12 12 GODZILLA Warfare Family Adventures - Title Logo by EliteRaptor2015 GODZILLA Warfare Family Adventures - Title Logo :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 13 2 Zaheer VS Akuryo - Official Poster (W/T Text) by EliteRaptor2015 Zaheer VS Akuryo - Official Poster (W/T Text) :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 7 0 Zaheer VS Akuryo - Official Poster by EliteRaptor2015 Zaheer VS Akuryo - Official Poster :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 7 1 Chibi CJ Arkosaurus by EliteRaptor2015 Chibi CJ Arkosaurus :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 11 14 Chibi Azazel by EliteRaptor2015 Chibi Azazel :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 8 6 Chibi Xenotyrannus by EliteRaptor2015 Chibi Xenotyrannus :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 9 3 Troubles Of Babysitting by EliteRaptor2015 Troubles Of Babysitting :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 9 16 King Under the Mountain... by EliteRaptor2015 King Under the Mountain... :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 17 38 GODZILLA King Under the Mountain by EliteRaptor2015 GODZILLA King Under the Mountain :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 18 5 Little Neko-Lea by EliteRaptor2015 Little Neko-Lea :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 10 20 SCP-682 by EliteRaptor2015 SCP-682 :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 23 20 Happy Birthday, Briana by EliteRaptor2015 Happy Birthday, Briana :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 7 3 A Cool Angel's Thesis by EliteRaptor2015 A Cool Angel's Thesis :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 17 17


Watching her sleep X33 by godzilla99707 Watching her sleep X33 :icongodzilla99707:godzilla99707 2 14 A Crossover Cover  by Rexander134 A Crossover Cover :iconrexander134:Rexander134 9 0 Shut Up! by JapaneseGodzilla1954 Shut Up! :iconjapanesegodzilla1954:JapaneseGodzilla1954 34 27
ALL OC Headcanon voices!!
It's about time I reveal the head canon voices for ALL my oc's and their different incarnations. Ill start with Team Dinosauria, then my other series'.
Team Dinosauria:
Pearl: Nokama from Bionicle 2 Legends of Metru Nui
Stinger: Vakama from Bionicle 2 Legends of Metru Nui
Spyro: Nolan North
Samantha: Kiina from Bionicle The Legend Reborn
Malachite: Kevin Michael Richardson
Monty: Constance Zimmer
Galaxion: Mata Nui from Bionicle The Legend Reborn
Dipper: Aaron Dismuke
Kronos: Kratos from God of War
Sabercroc: Peter Mensah - The Voice of Predaking from Transformers Prime.
Hunter: Stephanie Doung
Slasher: Bob Carter
Quicksilver: John Patrick Lowrie
Divebomb: Jerry Jewell
Hades: Scott McNeil
Hades Final Form: Michael McConnohie
Eve: Gina Torren
Medusa: Laura Post (distorted and primal)
Kerossaurus: Bruce Carey
(The crocodile we knew as Vamprah is no more!) Sobekodon: Robert Bruce Elliott
Slyger: Quinton Flynn
Riptor: Doug Boyd
:iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 3 3
Akuryo by Daizua123 Akuryo :icondaizua123:Daizua123 11 18 Azazel and Aries by Daizua123 Azazel and Aries :icondaizua123:Daizua123 10 20 Elite Raptors: Fan Baddies  by Rexander134 Elite Raptors: Fan Baddies :iconrexander134:Rexander134 10 11 Chibi Bloodzilla  by godzilla99707 Chibi Bloodzilla :icongodzilla99707:godzilla99707 4 81
Funny Moment #610
Jordan: Wow CJ, that is amazing! Tell us more about that giant Death Monster you could totally beat up! •u•
CJ: I'm not saying that I can take him with one arm.....but I could totally take him with one arm. Bc
All: *gasp* *0*
CJ: Thanks for the awkward praise, Kenneth. -u-
Kenneth: *coughs* >83
Characters (c):iconteamdinosauria21::iconkaijudialga::iconjpfan101:
Parody of AOT Abridged TFS
:iconsuperkaijuking:superkaijuking 3 4
The Rebellious Saiyan Girl, Allison Blakstar by TeamDinosauria21 The Rebellious Saiyan Girl, Allison Blakstar :iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 7 5 The Infamous Dropkick by Daizua123 The Infamous Dropkick :icondaizua123:Daizua123 38 62 GODZILLA Endgame, Saga, AoK, and others by Daizua123 GODZILLA Endgame, Saga, AoK, and others :icondaizua123:Daizua123 23 14
Kaiju Roster for Godzilla Sinverse
Here are the kaiju that are set to exist in this universe :D
Earth Kaiju:

(Atomic Glow)

Burning Godzilla
Legendary Godzilla

Bio-Godzilla (my nickname for AnimeGoji in this universe)

King Kong

Skull Crawlers
Mothra Lea
Battra Leo
King Caesar


Astrapieurypterus Zivonicus

Arkosaurus (C) SpaceTaco101 
Mechs and Jaegers:
Super MechaGodzilla
Mecha King Ghidorah
All Jaegers from Pacific Rim, and the new ones ;) and MAYBE Blazing Guardian (Daizua123 I kinda wanna have some of your kaiju in t
:iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 3 18
Sinverse Biollante by TeamDinosauria21 Sinverse Biollante :iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 17 19 Let's Bring Back A Legend  by Rexander134 Let's Bring Back A Legend :iconrexander134:Rexander134 12 9 AsylusGoji91 Pictures Logo by AsylusGoji91 AsylusGoji91 Pictures Logo :iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 38 57



Get Over Here!
A little comical scene CJ and I RP'd just a few days ago

Yes, this is Caulifla getting a little "snippy" with my bro :P
Galick Gun Successor
Yup, title says it all. CJ does learn to master the Galic Gun. And who else better to teach him this than the Prince of all Saiyans himself? ;)
Ever heard that sometimes herbivores will take meat to supplement their diet?

Well, I found an interesting (and rather hilarious) case right here:

Strange as it is, the description mentions there's actual evidence for this found in Utah

Either way, herbivores taking meat doesn't surprise me that much anymore, since I'm already used to that strange fact of nature. Nature is weird, people, and that's how it is :P
'Rise and Shine, CJ-kun~'
Suggested by TeamDinosauria21

A little habit of Lea's when her beloved husband wakes up to see her when she's there in the mornings

This scene is first exhibited at the start of the 4th film installment of Apocalypse of Kaiju, 'Crystal Domination', where her rather curious personality truly shines, as it will for her entire life
GODZILLA Warfare Family Adventures - Title Logo
This is for a live-action Godzilla figure series I have planned for YouTube, IF I can get my hands on some Godzilla figures

- Tyler = portrayed by a Bandai Japan Final Wars Godzilla
- Gojira = portrayed by an SH MonsterArts Godzilla 1954
- Kyojin = portrayed by a Bandai Shin Godzilla 2016
- Orion = portrayed by a NECA Godzilla 2014
- Helios = portrayed by an SH MonsterArts 1995 Rebirth Godzilla (Ultimate Burning Godzilla when in Burning form)

Season 1 will basically be a bunch of random comical shenanigans the gang will get into, with a little bit of story to flavor it. Season 2, on the other hand, will have a slightly darker tone, where things get a little more serious when enemy Kaiju actually threaten their daily lives

If anyone can guess, yes, I did name the characters after their incarnations as seen in Apocalypse of Kaiju and GODZILLA: Sins of the Past

Godzilla (c) Toho Co. Ltd. and Legendary Pictures
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EliteRaptor2015's Profile Picture
Zaheer Shaikh
A headstrong, leader-like personality, blackish-brown hair, dark-brown eyes, tan-brown skin, diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

I also happen to have a particular interest for dinosaurs, Kaiju, dragons, and werewolves.


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