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New Born To Be Wild Cast audition
Calling all People who can audition
Please Read in the description below and which characters would suit you best. Then Read the Line and share the recording of you voicing the character in the comments below.
Shadow- Gender-Male, Species-Black Leopard-Voiced By me. Struggles through life, but tries to be happy.
"Life Is just really tough being a leopard no one even likes you"
Lisa- Gender-Female, Species-Domestic Cat A pregnant one, and adopted mother to Tom. A Kind hearted Female but is tough when she wants to be.
"Oh Sweetheart Don't worry about it I'm one day you'll grow up big and strong".
Thomas Aka Tom or Tommy- Gender-Male, Species- Domestic cat, Kitten, and the adopted son on Lisa.
A Really shy 8 week old kitten
"Hey Just because I'm a Kid doesn't mean I don't know how to be serious"
Rose- Gender-Female,Species-Red Fox, has a British Accent. A Street smart but Kind hearted Fox.
"Listen Kid If your not Careful, you will get hit by a car or become Lunch for a Coyote you understa
:iconborntobewild2016:BornToBeWild2016 2 8
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Lulu Ajax
New characters by me and :iconteamdinosauria21:

Lulu and Ajax are the twin children of Azazel and Aries, the dark-halves of CJ McQueen and Lea Baruchel. Interestingly enough, these two were born after their parents had turned good, meaning they'll luckily never know what being evil is like. Plus, anyone would admit that they are pretty cute anyways

Characters (c) CJ McQueen & me
Apocalypse of Kaiju (c) me and CJ McQueen
AOK Xenotyrannus, UPDATED
Yup, I decided to give my MokushirokuXeno design a big update, mostly the head, neck, and addition of red glow-marks
First Awakening
Episode 1.9


Tyler has been found out as the rogue reptilian Kaiju, sending most of the arms forces into panic. Officer Richard Neil orders an execution, but the humble Merlin Henderson saves him just in time, while explaining his plan to Tyler.

Meanwhile, Allison discovers from spying on General Wilson's meeting the true identity of Tyler's Kaiju form:

The infamous "King of the Monsters" himself... GODZILLA.


*cue intro*


It has been two days since the appearance of Tyler's new rogue Kaiju form, now codenamed 'Godzilla' by General Wilson, and the impact it has left on the whole of New York is extremely shocking and revolutionary. One one side, people begin to demand that Tyler is executed immediately for fear he would cause the very end of humanity. On the other, people begin to praise his actions, and see the potential of him possibly becoming the greatest hero in the entire world.

However, one person in particular is more interested in the mystery for how Tyler became the so-called 'King of Kaiju' in the first place. Allison.

After hearing about the identity of Tyler's new form, Allison has had considerable trouble trying to get the very name 'Godzilla', or 'Gojira' in her native Japanese dialect, out of her head. And she has a good reason to even know it in the first place.


15 YEARS AGO, 2008.

6-yr-old Allison settles into bed with her loving mother. As the young girl eagerly asks for a bedtime story involving any action, Allison's mother has chosen the perfect story to read to her daughter. One that involves plenty of that action, but most importantly, an extremely powerful message that'll convince anyone reading it, for it was all true.

The story chosen... is the event of Tokyo, 1954. The event of the appearance of the original Godzilla.


Recalling upon that bedtime story, Allison remembers the one place that she knows will be the best place to house evidence of such events as the 1954 incident. The New York Public Library.

Upon driving there, Allison searches around the entire library system, possibly taking hours to walk around it. Shelf after shelf, aisle after aisle, yet she has not found even a speck of evidence. Then, she begins considering the underground archives, where a lot of the 'lost' articles have been stored away. She knows she would have a better chance down there. There's just only one problem. The archives are practically off-limits to visitors, meaning she would need a way to sneak in there unseen and unsuspected.

After some thinking, she gets a clever idea, and disguises herself as one of the library staff. In some way, her plan actually works, as she gains easy access to the archives. Once down there, she searches around for even the smallest evidence of the very existence of the 1954 incident.

A minute of searching, and Allison finally finds the aisle containing whole articles on incidents involving the actions of Kaiju. She soon easily finds a plethora of time periods these events occurs. Prehistoric times, the first civilizations, the Roman Empire, biblical times, even the Middle Ages. However, the one time period that got her interest the most, and right where she wanted, was the 20th century, aka the 1900s.

Searching though the articles, she first comes across an event that happened, ironically, right here in New York, exactly 90 years ago.


After an expedition led by filmmaker Carl Denham to an uncharted island known to all as 'Skull Island', New York hosts a theater show for the legendary 'Eighth Wonder of the World': a gigantic, ancient species of ape-like being known to all as 'King Kong'. The show appears to go well, until Kong realizes what he really wants wasn't there, causing him to go berserk, and run rampant in the streets of New York. He continues the search until he finds the beautiful Ann Darrow, who encountered him on Skull Island prior. After a calm moment, the military attacks the great ape, until he finally meets his seeming demise on top of the Empire State Building. The body is later placed back on Skull Island, where he was originally form and raised.


Having read the Kong incident, she puts the article away, and continues searching. She eventually gets to the 1950s, and finds another New York incident exactly 20 years later, in 1953, which seems closer to the one she wanted.


Nuclear testing in the Arctic is set off, yet it unwillingly causes the awakening of a large reptilian Kaiju that almost resembles Godzilla, only that it's mostly quadruped, and without the dorsal spines. The Kaiju, codenamed 'Rhedosaurus', attacks a lighthouse before making way to New York, where the beast causes massive collateral damage and a massacre by devouring many citizens. The military does little damage to the creature until a bazooka wounds its neck, but the creature's blood releases an intoxicating amount of radiation, killing even more citizens. After careful planning, scientists create an isotope bullet that will kill the Kaiju from the inside. As the Rhedosaurus attacks again, it is eventually trapped inbetween construction towers, and the bullet gets a clear shot, finally ending the creature for good.


Allison closes the article, and puts that away too. In a matter of seconds, she finally finds the one article she has been searching for that entire time. The incident that really set off the 'Kaiju Explosion', in the streets of Tokyo, 1954. The incident of the rise of the King of the Kaiju. The rise of... Godzilla.


Off the coast of Japan, a small fishing boat called the Eiko-maru floats along the surface as the fisherman mind their own business as per daily. Suddenly, a strange light appears completely out of nowhere, startling the fisherman as they rush to call for emergency, but were too late as a sort of 'blue fire' incinerates the entire boat, with everyone on it.

On mainland Japan, in the capital city Tokyo, investigation officers were a little startled, and decided to send the Bingo-maru to investigate, only for it to meet the same fate, with only three survivors. Another fishing boat from Odo Island also meets this very same fate, as with many other boats following, each with the exact same encounter and result. People are conflicted to whether this was an earthquake or undersea volcano.

On Odo Island, as the fish numbers dropped to zero, one of the elders began suspecting this was no ordinary disaster, and that it was the work of a gigantic living entity. An entity known to the locals, and soon the world, as the terrifying aberration:


Later that evening, an ancient ceremonial dance meant to ward off Godzilla is being held, and the elder explains to a reporter investigating that Godzilla is a demonic being known as a 'Blood Angel', due to his origin seeming to come from the depths of Hell, and that he had a taste for mortal flesh. To appease him, they used to sacrifice those who did not trawl in their catch and young girls, in order to avoid the populace being wiped out.

Later at night, a powerful wind storm rages across Odo Island as the residents take cover in their houses. However, what sounded like tremors in an organized pattern are heard as an unseen force begins wreaking havoc through the village, killing most of the populace and their livestock, leaving a few survivors.

The next day, the surviving villagers retreat to Japan for refuge, and they along with reporters give their evidence for what possibly caused the incident. Professor Kyohei Yamane is elected to lead the investigation, and uncover what caused the damage. Among them are his daughter Emiko and her love interest Hideto Ogata. As the group investigates, they find large imprints that are soon revealed to be footprints, confirming the perpetrator as a large organism. A Kaiju. What's worse is that these footprints are radioactive, making them highly dangerous to be near. However, Yamane somehow finds a trilobite in the footprint; a remarkable find indeed.

Suddenly, the alarm bell rings, as the villagers rush up the hill to combat the coming threat. Yamane finally spots the perpetrator. The creature of Odo Island legend, Godzilla, materializes over the hilltop, terrifying all the humans downhill as they scatter when he gives out a few roars. Moments later, Godzilla returns to the ocean as the investigators spot his footprints.

Back in Tokyo, Yamane explains the encounter with the Kaiju, revealing his height at 67.5 meters tall, and speculates on the plausible origin that Godzilla is a super-evolved species of rauisuchian called Pyrosuchus imperator. He also explains that he was probably awakened by the atomic bombs that have ravaged Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as they hydrogen bomb tests near Bikini Atoll. As well as that, Yamane also explains the trilobite and the traces of radiation Godzilla left behind, an yet Godzilla somehow still survived. After the meeting had commenced, there was a division whether Godzilla should be kept secret or be revealed to the public, leading to a heated rivalry. The choice of publicity had eventually won over, and Godzilla is now known to the world.

Attempts to kill Godzilla with atomic bombs commence, but reveal to have failed when the Kaiju resurfaces later that night. Meanwhile, Emiko visits Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, her fiance, because she wanted to break her engagement due to her love for Ogata. However, Serizawa shows her an off-screen experiment that horrifies her to the point of traumatization. After the experience, Emiko promises Serizawa to never speak of a single word of what she just saw before departing.

That night, Godzilla resurfaces again in Tokyo Bay, and begins attacking the nearest railroad tracks. The citizens scatter for the high hills, but a passing commuter train was not so lucky, as it collides with Godzilla's foot. The Kaiju leans down on all fours, picking up the train in his jaws, and shakes it like a ragdoll, killing the people inside. After a short rampage, Godzilla resumes his bipedal stance and returns to the ocean.

Last night's attack has motivated the Japanese Self-Defence Forces (JSDF) to construct a 50'000 volt electric fence standing 40 meters tall along the coast, in hope the voltage will kill Godzilla. Two evenings later, Yamane returns home, apparently in disarray that everyone else can think of nothing else other than killing Godzilla, despite that he survived several atomic bomb attacks at once and is resistant to radiation. Ogata states that he agrees with the others, causing Yamane to evict him.

Not long after, Godzilla resurfaces near the coast, coming back for Round 2 on Tokyo, as he approaches the electric fence. With relative ease, Godzilla makes short work of the fences. Clawing, biting and tail whipping them, he easily knocks some of the towers over. Then, his tail scutes begin glowing blue, and it goes up his back until his eyes glow too. Then, he shoots out a blue stream of what looks like fire, but is really a flame-like stream of radiation. The so-called "atomic breath" easily melts the remaining towers, as Godzilla makes his way into Tokyo. With every step, Godzilla causes massive collateral damage and an even greater amount of casualties. During his rampage, a bell tower rings out, and he destroys it out of annoyance. He continues onward, blasting his atomic breath across vast distances, setting all of Tokyo ablaze. Major casualties and massacres spread across the rubble and debris of the Tokyo ruins as Godzilla slowly makes his way back to the ocean on all fours.

The aftermath of the attack reveals the true devastation it has caused, as the bodies of the dead or injured are recovered from the rubble and taken to the hospital. The true horrors are revealed as people still alive are irradiated, and several families suffer heavy losses, especially young children losing their mothers. Meanwhile, Emiko cannot hold her promise any longer, and finally breaks the truth to Ogata. She reveals that what Serizawa had actually shown her was a newly developed super-weapon codenamed the "Oxygen Destroyer". This new weapon has the ability to disintegrate oxygen in water, causing any organism to die from a rotting asphyxiation, and their bodies will be reduced to almost nothing.

Few minutes later, Emiko and Ogata pay Serizawa a visit, asking for use of the Oxygen Destroyer to kill Godzilla. However, Serizawa refuses, revealing it cannot be used for any reason, due to fear it could fall into the wrong hands and be used as a true weapon of destruction. A brief fight occurs between the men, with Ogata receiving a small scar on his head. Shortly after more explaining, the TV begins laying the sombre "Prayer For Peace", showing the devastation Godzilla left behind. After seeing the horrors caused, Serizawa reluctantly agrees to use his invention to kill off Godzilla, but only once and never again. To ensure that, he burns all evidence he has of it.

The next day, Ogata and Serizawa are lowered into the depths of Tokyo Bay. There, they find the dreaded Godzilla currently sleeping. Their very presence wakes him up, as the Kaiju slowly walks over on all fours. Once he's close enough, Serizawa finally activates his Oxygen Destroyer while Ogata evacuates the water. Upon activation, Serizawa says his final goodbye as he cuts his air support, committing suicide as he perishes to his invention. The dying Godzilla swims up to the surface, emitting one final death roar before finally sinking to the ocean floor, where his body disintegrates completely.

The death of Godzilla is briefly celebrated, yet turns to sorrow for the sacrifice of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. However, Yamane proposes that perhaps if man continues its arrogant path, then maybe another Godzilla will appear again, somewhere in the world.


Shocked by the true events that have happened, Allison gently closes the article, and slides it back into the shelf she found it in. As she walks out of the archives, then out of the library, she recalls upon Yamane's prediction, and confirms that he was indeed right. He was right that another Godzilla has indeed risen to take his title as king.

His words echo as Tyler is shown sleeping in his bed, until the mention of another Godzilla rising as his eyes snap open, revealing the blood-red and gold-yellow, reptilian eyes of the dreaded Kaiju King himself. Tyler is indeed the King of the Monsters. He truly is... GODZILLA.

To be continued.


The day has come for the rebellious plan against the Kaiju to commence. Tyler and the others set out to block the holes Kolosalen has left in the Life-Walls, and retake New York from the very monsters that changed their lives.

Tyler once again transforms into his newly named Kaiju form, Godzilla. However, things just don't seem to go to plan. But why? Find out next time.
A Sweet Angel Is Born
For TeamDinosauria21

This is the very moment he and Lea Baruchel made their very first contact in their entire lives. Upon meeting, Lea's mother Allison has foreseen the strong and memorable bond these two will have throughout the rest of their lives, for this is where their bond has begun.
Zaheer - *smirks, placing his hand over a suspicious button* Hmm, this looks cool B3

CJ - *eyes widen* Uh, Zaheer, I don't think you should even do that O~O

Zaheer - And why's that? O__o

Tristan - "Why's that"? Because who knows what the hell's gonna happen when you press that button right there! It could blow up the entire state! >B/

JoAnn - They do have a point <8/

Skylar - I agree. I mean, what if this actually causes major destruction to us, or a city? <8(

Briana - Yeah, because I don't want to relive that moment back home on Chrystarios... >~<

Zaheer - Oh, come on, nothing bad's gonna happen. Here, I'll prove it to you X3

All - NO!! D8>

*Zaheer presses the button... then...*

Zaheer - .... Huh... nothing happened... 8/

Tristan - O__o Huh, you're right on that, Zaheer

CJ - Maybe perhaps this must've been one of those defective buttons made to deceive or scare us or something 8/

*but then the PentaFormers didn't even know THIS happened...*

Makuba - Alright, now where shall I provide a position for our next move? -__-


Makuba - Ugh... what is it now? >B(


Makuba - *walks to the front door* Oh come on, there's no way that could- *sees the missiles launched* O~O FUCKING RUN, YOU IDIOTIC BASTARDS!!!! D8>

*the castle is completely bombarded by the missiles, leaving Makuba and most of his minions under rubble*

- EliteRaptor2015 (me)
- TeamDinosauria21
- trextristan01
- godzilla99707
- JoAnn RaptorGirl
- Skylar
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Zaheer Shaikh
A headstrong, leader-like personality, blackish-brown hair, dark-brown eyes, tan-brown skin, diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

I also happen to have a particular interest for dinosaurs, Kaiju, dragons, and werewolves.


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ER Official Characters - Jerry Romirez
Asshole friend of my raptor self. Later gets dumped.

Untitled Drawing
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