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Ask the Characters 2.0
Okay, so I decided to reboot my OC Q/A. I have chosen a few characters, that way it's not a huge list, and it's easier to keep track of. They are.
Myself (You can even ask me questions about me IRL)
Mothra Lea
Vivian and Dahlia
Leyanna the Lamia (possibly)
This will be done as if they actually existed IRL. So feel free to ask anything you're curious about, but please, no silly or ridiculous comments. I've had people ask dumb questions before, just a little warning. :P
Anyways, Make sure to ask on here, and I'll answer them. ;) Thank you.
:iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 1 2
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Zaheer's Birthday- Primal Warriors
This is a birthday gift for one of my closest friends/Brothers: :iconeliteraptor2015: I hope you enjoy it buddy.
It was a Beautiful Morning in the Island of Oros, and the villains were taking a day off so all was go for this week at least.
I wake up from a beautiful night sleep, and i turn into my jaguar from and stretch, my girlfriend Hana wakes up with me, and I look at the calendar i realize some thing, today is a very special Day.
Me- *Gasps* Oh My God, thats right It's Zaheer's Birthday fortunately I remembered.
Hana- Yeah so did I *stops and thinks* wait what about the others?.
Me- Oh yeah we've been planning for months and we are having a surprise birthday party, I also told the rest of the team to must with use down at the kitchen.
Hana- Ok *kisses my Check*
* I knock on all the bedroom doors except for Zaheer's, then CJ, Briana, Tristan, JoAnn, Marie, and Kai appear out of their rooms still sleepy but remembering that it's Zaheer's Special day, by then
:iconborntobewild2016:BornToBeWild2016 1 0
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We're Back!
A little something to celebrate the return of my broski, :iconteamdinosauria21:

Our Kaiju personas roaring after a great victory

Stks (c) SpaceTaco101 (Arkosaurus stk), and trextristan01 (Atarojira stk)
OK, so, nevermind that previous status I wrote a couple of days ago, my broski's gonna come back eventually. Yay! :D
*sniffle* I'm so heartbroken right now...

I don't want to talk about it, but I should...

CJ's mother spotted me on Hangouts, and actually got mad at me for reasons I can't speak of. She said he won't chat to me there anymore, and that really broke my heart... big time...

I'm scared that I'll lose him for good...

If that's true... I'm gonna have to say goodbye to him... forever... :cries:

I love you, CJ, I always will... T~T
Brother's Greatest Gift
Little something for my brother :iconteamdinosauria21: after he and the rest of the pack wished me happy birthday

I'll let the picture speak for itself ;)
DBSB - Melody
Melody as she appears in Saiyan Brotherhood

Species: Majin
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Good

DragonBall (c) Akira Toriyama
*out near the edge of Skeleton Grove, not far from Tyranno-Turf, Zaheer and Tristan are out looking for lunch to feed the others back at the castle*

Zaheer - *wipes his head* Damn, did we really have to come this far just looking for lunch?? -___-

Tristan - Well, we did kind of agree to try something new for once, which was YOUR idea, by the way >B)

Zaheer - O______O Ah dammit, I hate it when you're right... XP So now what?? o.O

Tristan - Hmm.... *looks around* I guess one option for us is to split up in different directions. It'll be easier to cover ground that way, so we can make sure where the location of the food will be

Zaheer - Good idea, Tristan. I'll go left, while you go right

Tristan - Sounds like a plan *walks to the right into the lush green foliage*

Zaheer - Alright, let's see if there's any lunch around here *walks right into Skeleton Grove* Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hmmmmm-hm-hm *looks around*

*Zaheer looks under every rock, in every log and even hollow tree to find even the slightest evidence of food, but so far, there's no luck; and he has no idea he is being hunted himself*

Zaheer - Hmmm..... There doesn't really seem to be any food around here. Hm. Maybe I could just go- *suddenly whacked by a green armored tail, and is flung into the air* WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *faceplants into a rock* Oww...... @____@ BLRLRLRLRLRLR!!! OK, that smarts... >~< What just hi- >_O *sees to his horror a large Hypoendocrine Rex as it roars furiously at him* O~O HOLY SHIT, IT'S A WILD HYPO-REX!!! D8>

Hypo-Rex - *growls and licks its chops* >B3

Zaheer - Oh, uh-uh, so much nope!! *darts away, and scrambles up a small cliff-face, panting* Phew...

Hypo-Rex - *jumping up, trying to climb up, but can't due to being too big* >8P

Zaheer - Haha, sucker! Hehehehe! You can't get me! Hahahahaha! You tried to get me, but you can't, 'cause you're a loser! Hahaha! Oh yeah! You can't get me! Hehehehe >XD *suddenly realizes as his eyes widen, turns to the audience* There's another one right behind me, isn't there??? o_______________o

Hypo-Rex #2 - *growls* >B)


Hypo-Rex #2 - *roars, chasing him* >8D

Zaheer - *running* I really nee- *comes across what looks like a rocky maze* Whoa... O____O

*the second Hypo-Rex continues running, until it also comes across the maze. Slowing its pace, it begins searching for Zaheer, unwittingly walking right past him hiding in one of the crevices*

Zaheer - *looks at the audience* Ssshh! o~o

*meanwhile, the first Hypo-Rex is STILL trying to clamber up the cliff-face, having at least climbed up a few meters. The second Hypo-Rex sniffs the ground, trying to find Zaheer's scent*

Zaheer - *comes up with a plan* OK, Hypo! Come and get me! I'm over here! o3o *darts off*

Hypo-Rex #2 - *growls hungrily, and heads his direction* >B3 *finds the spot, but doesn't find the hiding Raptor* o.o

Zaheer - *in a different spot* No no no, I'm over here! Over here! o3o

Hypo-Rex #2 - Huh? *growls as it runs over, just as the clever Raptor darts off again* o.O

Zaheer - *in a cavern right next to the Hypo* Um, I'm over here -__-

Hypo-Rex #2 - Rah! *turns around and peeks his head in, only to find Zaheer gone again* B(

Zaheer - *near the entrance of the maze* Did I say over there? I'm meant to say I'm over here -3-

Hypo-Rex #2 - *barks as he runs over to the entrance* >:/ *doesn't see him* >8/

Zaheer - *just away from the entrance* What don't you understand about HERE?! >:3

Hypo-Rex #2 - *trots to the spot* >:/

Zaheer - *in another spot* Here! o3o

Hypo-Rex #2 - *trots to that spot* >B/

Zaheer - *in yet another spot* Here! o3o

Hypo-Rex #2 - *barks as he goes to THAT spot* >8(

Zaheer - *in yet another spot* H-E-A-R! o3o

Hypo-Rex #2 - *growls in frustration as he looks* >B/

Zaheer - *on top of a maze-boulder* You're not really good at this game, are you? XD

Hypo-Rex #2 - *runs to another spot* >:/

Zaheer - *near the other end* Uh, dude, I'm actually over here! -3-

Hypo-Rex #2 - *frustrated* Grrrr.... >B(

Zaheer - *on top of the highest rock* Hey, up here! o3o

Hypo-Rex #2 - *growls as he tries to climb for me* >8/

Zaheer - *scrambled next to the Hypo-Rex* Now, here's a little hint... o3o *darts away*

Hypo-Rex #2 - *roars as he runs that direction* >B(

Zaheer - *slinks his way into a cavern, swishing his tail in advertisement* Do-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, oh yeah! Mm-mm-mm! B3 *tail darts out of view*

Hypo-Rex #2 - *growls angrily* >8(

Zaheer - *at the end of the maze* Hehehe, I'm over here, dude X3

*having had enough of Zaheer's game, the Hypo-Rex roars furiously, and decides to smash his head onto a rock, causing it to tumble, as boulders begin tumbling in a domino-like manner, heading straight for Zaheer*

Zaheer - *sees the boulders coming for him* O~O AAAAAHHHHH!!! D8> *gets blocked from view, seemingly crushed by the boulders*

*the Hypo-Rex roars victoriously, then begins to dig away the boulders with his head and feet, hoping that Zaheer perished in the boulders. However, after a minute of digging, he finds.... nothing. To his surprise, Zaheer has managed to escape at the last second*

Hypo-Rex #2 - *notices Zaheer gone* Huh??? O.O

Zaheer - *on top of the highest rock again* Dude, you really do not understand what "here" means, do you? >:3

Hypo-Rex #2 - GRRRR!!! *roars furiously and rushes to where Zaheer was sighted* D8<

Zaheer - *darts to the boulder pile* Looking for something? >B) YAAHHH!! >8D *swings his sword, striking where smaller rocks kept the boulders stable, causing them to tumble downward*

*the boulders tumble down in an avalanche, straight in the direction of the Hypo-Rex as he screams in terror, and right to where the first Hypo-Rex was STILL clambering up the cliff-face. The second Hypo-Rex is knocked off the edge, crashing into the first Hypo-Rex as they land on the ground, where the boulders tumble and pile on top of them, seemingly killing them*

Zaheer - *sees boulders that got stuck* Wait, I got more! O3O *pushes them, and they tumble, completing the pile* Hehehe, well I guess I showed them >B) *happily trots down to the ground* Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hmmmmm-hm-hm o3o

*he finally makes it out of Skeleton Grove, and looks around for Tristan to see if he came back with lunch, when suddenly...*


Zaheer - *jumps, accidentally deploying his sword* WAAH!! O~O

Tristan - *blocks Zaheer's sword with his own* Hey, whoa, settle down! o~o

Zaheer - O____O Aw, for the love of Archontas, Tristan, I could've killed you! >8/

Tristan - Sorry >~< *puts his sword away* So, what took you so long anyway? o.O

Zaheer - Well, long story short, I ran into two male Hypo-Rexes who chased me into this maze. Luckily, I outsmarted the dumbfucks, and defeated them in a game of "Catch Me If You Can", with a finale of boulder sandwich for them >B)

Tristan - O____________O *snickers* O3O *tries to hold in his laugh* >3< *bursts it out anyway* PPPFFFFFTTT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD Dammit, I wished I had seen that now >XP

Zaheer - Oh don't worry... *holds up a camera* I filmed the whole thing B3

Tristan - O3O YUSH!! We gotta show the others, pronto! X3

Zaheer - Right on it, dude!

*later, at Tyranno-Turf, in the castle, Zaheer and Tristan show the other PentaFormers the video Zaheer filmed*

CJ - *laughs hard* Bro, did you seriously make a game with those Hypos and won?! XD

Zaheer - Yup, I sure did, bro. I sure did >B3

CJ - *laughs* You sure got guts. And that's why you're my brother X3 *noogies Zaheer*

Zaheer - Ack! Hehehe XD

Skylar - Well, I'm glad you made it out, Zaheer. Wouldn't wanna lose my future husband-in-law

CJ - Got that right, sweetie. Besides, who knows when we'll need a potential babysitter X3

Zaheer - Who, me?? o__o

CJ - Yup *winks*

Zaheer - Well, I guess why not ^^'''

*the others continue laughing as the camera pans out, and cuts to black*

Based on a scene from The Adventures of Milo & Otis, and the homemade A Dinosaur Story

- myself
- trextristan01 
- TeamDinosauria21 
- Skylar (JoAnn's OC)
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Zaheer Shaikh
A headstrong, leader-like personality, blackish-brown hair, dark-brown eyes, tan-brown skin, diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

I also happen to have a particular interest for dinosaurs, Kaiju, dragons, and werewolves.


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